Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Week

This week is Holy Week. And our 2nd week off of school. Last week we were on Spring Break. This week we don't have school because it's Holy Week and I go to a Catholic School. But my Dad had to go back to work. He has to work until Wednesday.

We've been going to church almost every day during Lent. We go Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. And on Sundays. I go every morning for school. My Dad and my Nana go on Wednesdays at lunch time too!

But we all enjoy going to church. This week, we are going every day. I wish my Nana was going to be here for Easter. But she is going to visit her family. We're going to miss her. I'm going to miss her a lot. Because I don't have school this week. Last week, she came over a few times. We cooked and baked. And she helped me with my sewing. We had a lot of fun! :) C

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