Monday, March 15, 2010

It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday! I don't usually like Mondays. But it's my birthday! My tios came really early this morning with my Nana. And they sang me Las Mananitas. It was really neat. :) My Dad made me strawberry french toast for breakfast. I'm pretty sure that it was his idea and that my Nana made it. But let's keep it a secret. :)

And my Dad gave me my presents from him. My abuelitas each gave me a present too! Everyone else is waiting until my birthday party. I don't mind. I just like that they all came to see me this morning.

I guess I should get ready for school. I don't want to be late. But it feels good to finally be as old as my friends. All of their birthdays are at the beginning of school. :) C

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