Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lots of Stuff

Last night my Nana came over for dinner. We had a lot of people over. My Nana was OK. But she was sad. I think she really misses her auntie. I feel bad that she couldn't be there with her. But she told us that she would be OK.

Marissa still doesn't want her little brother. Her mom is going to have twins. A boy and a girl. I think it's exciting. But Marissa doesn't want a brother. She has been trying to give him to my Dad. Everyone thinks it's funny. But she told us all that she doesn't want him.

It's getting closer to all of our birthdays. And to all the babies coming. That is really exciting! My Dad told me that there is just something special about March. All the really important people are born in March. I don't know. Because my Dad is special too. And he was born in January. :) C

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