Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bubblegum Necklace

I like this necklace that Jessica made. I wish I knew how to crochet this well to make one. But the good news is that Jessica is giving it away at Newly Wife. My Dad said I could enter the giveaway. I really hope I win it! :) C

Busy Week

I'm still tired from last week. But I had a lot of fun! It was fun to see Joe again. He used to live here too. In our town. But his dad got transferred and they moved to Utah. But we still see each other at the different conferences. My Dad pays for him to go. He thinks it's important for us to learn about our culture.

Our show went really well on Saturday. Sunday we went to see lots of groups perform. We got to sing too! And my Dad and me ate lots of food! That's our favorite thing to do at things like this. I also bought lots of jewelry, monos, and ribbons. We got my Nana some too! She likes these earrings.

Joe went home early Monday morning. We came home later in the afternoon. Our bags are still at the door! We haven't unpacked. Because I had to go back to school yesterday. And my Dad went back to work.

Last night we had a long dance rehearsal. I'm glad we don't have one today. I'm really tired. And I got all my homework done before we came back. I'm ahead of my classes because my Dad got my work before we left. I finished it. And my classes haven't gotten that far yet!

Tonight I think I'm going to bed early. I'm really tired. But we had so much fun last week! It's just sad that it only happens a few times a year! There are 4 conferences that I like to go to most. I'm glad my Dad teaches at them and that I get to go. :) C

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Big Show

Tonight is our big show. I get to wear a pretty dress like these ones. I think ours are even more beautiful! They have lots and lots of lace. My Dad was trying to steam mine this morning. And our aprons have lots of embroidery and sequence on them. I just wish my Nana was here to do my hair. She is really good at that.

My Tia Alicia is going to help me. And she brought lots of hairspray and bobbie pins. There is a hairpiece that you have to put in. I hope mine doesn't fall out! We also have to dance with a candle on top of our heads. I've done it a lot of times. But it still kind of scares me!

But I'm excited for tonight. We have a rehearsal in a little while for the show. Joe and I have to practice out duet too! I'm not worried about that. Because we have sung together before. I'm just really excited for the show! :) C

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learning A Lot!

I've been learning a lot here at the conference. Joe and I have been practicing our duet. We get to sing tomorrow night for the big dinner. And we are singing Friday-Sunday. It's really exciting!

Our dance group has learned a lot of new dances too! Marissa is having a lot of fun. But she is still made that they don't let her dance with the candles. She has to dance with a vaso of agua. All of my tios are teaching like my Dad. It's really a lot of fun here. :)

I'm most excited for Saturday night's show. My tios are performing a big show too! We get to dance for part of it. The whole conference is fun. I'm glad my Dad brings me. And I'm glad he pays for Joe to come too!

We're getting ready to go for dinner. I'm really hungry today. My pansa keeps making noise. I hope we go somewhere with good food. :) C

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Excited!

My Dad and I are at the airport. We're going to the Mariachi Conference this week. We get to see lots of friends! My Nono is going to be teaching too! I can't wait to see him! I wish my Nana was coming. But she has school and work. So she couldn't come.

My dance school gets to come too. But they're not coming until tomorrow. My Dad has to be there tomorrow. Because he's teaching. The teachers have a special rehearsal tomorrow. That's why we're going to be there early.

You should see all the bags we have! I have 2 suitcases with just my dresses, hair pieces, and shoes! My Dad and me each have a regular suitcase. Then we have a garment bag with both of our Mariachi Trajes. And we have our 2 violins. My Dad also has his briefcase for his music and laptop!

We are going to be gone until next Monday. But I'm excited to go! I'm taking the dance classes. But I'm also going to study voice. And my Dad is going to be teaching me the violin stuff in the evenings. This is going to be a lot of fun! I can't wait to see Joe. We're singing a duet too! :) C

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We had everyone over for dinner last night. We went to mass, then my Dad made dinner for all of us. We came back to our house. And we had lots and lots of fun!

I'm starting to think, family is not just the people who are related by blood. My sister doesn't talk to my Dad or me. And I've never gotten to see my baby brother. My mom is not really a mom. It's hard to talk about that. But she just chose to not be a part of our family.

My only real family is my Dad and my abuelitas. We all live together. And I really do LOVE it! We're very close. And we all get along really well.

But I think family is about more people that love you. Like my Nana and Nono. My Nana is a lot like a mom to me. She is always here for me when I need her. She told me to call her whenever I need or want to talk. We have lots of friends who are really close. They're my tios and tias. All of their kids are close to me too.

Family is about people that love you. No matter what, they are always there for you. I like that. I like the family that we have made. It feels nice to have so many people around me that really do love me. They don't expect me to lie for them, or to give them money. They just love me, and I love them. :) C

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun Projects

I really wish I knew more about sewing. But I'm still practicing. Disney posted this fun idea. I think if my Nana helps me a little, I can make these for all the little girls. For Christmas presents next year. I think I could make them over the summer. I think I would have to make 6 of them. Over summer break, I should be able to make them. I just hope they're not too hard! :) C

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cupcakes in a Jar

These look extra yummy! My Nana and I were talking about cupcakes. We found these ones. I like everything on Ruby's blog. But these cupcakes are my favorite! I hope I get to make them soon! :) C

Monday, April 5, 2010

We Got to Dance

Today we got to dance for the City. They we're having a Grand Opening for the new buildings downtown. It was a lot of fun! And my tios got to play for us. They were the mariachis. It was so much fun! I'm really glad that my Dad let me go. He wasn't sure, because I had to miss school. But he talked to all my teachers. Last week, I had to stay late to finish all my work for today. But it was worth it. Because I really did have a lot of fun! Thank you Papi! :) C

PS That's not me in the picture. But it's a picture of a folklorico dancer. Like me! But I'm a lot smaller. And the dress I wore today is pink. :) C

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter! It's such a pretty day too! We already went to church and to brunch. Both of my abuelitas look beautiful in their new dresses. :)

My Dad made us each an Easter basket. And we're getting our Easter dinner ready. We're having a lot of friends over this afternoon. And we're doing the big Easter egg hunt at our house! I'm really excited!

But I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Our Lord has risen for us. It's a beautiful day! Because Jesus loves us! :) C

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Petal Earrings

I was a little bored this morning. My Abuelita and I decided to look at some blogs. I'm teaching her about the computer. And my Dad had the day off. He was making us breakfast. When my Abuelita and I were looking at Ruffles and Stuff, we saw these earrings.

Disney is so talented! I like everything that she makes. But I really want to try these earrings. They're so elegant. I asked my Dad if I can make them. He told me yes! We're going to Hobby Lobby later to buy the supplies. I think my Abuelita and I can figure them out with Disney's tutorial.

I really want to make some for Easter. I think they would be nice to wear to church. I hope I can get them done on time. :) C