Thursday, April 1, 2010

Petal Earrings

I was a little bored this morning. My Abuelita and I decided to look at some blogs. I'm teaching her about the computer. And my Dad had the day off. He was making us breakfast. When my Abuelita and I were looking at Ruffles and Stuff, we saw these earrings.

Disney is so talented! I like everything that she makes. But I really want to try these earrings. They're so elegant. I asked my Dad if I can make them. He told me yes! We're going to Hobby Lobby later to buy the supplies. I think my Abuelita and I can figure them out with Disney's tutorial.

I really want to make some for Easter. I think they would be nice to wear to church. I hope I can get them done on time. :) C

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