Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learning A Lot!

I've been learning a lot here at the conference. Joe and I have been practicing our duet. We get to sing tomorrow night for the big dinner. And we are singing Friday-Sunday. It's really exciting!

Our dance group has learned a lot of new dances too! Marissa is having a lot of fun. But she is still made that they don't let her dance with the candles. She has to dance with a vaso of agua. All of my tios are teaching like my Dad. It's really a lot of fun here. :)

I'm most excited for Saturday night's show. My tios are performing a big show too! We get to dance for part of it. The whole conference is fun. I'm glad my Dad brings me. And I'm glad he pays for Joe to come too!

We're getting ready to go for dinner. I'm really hungry today. My pansa keeps making noise. I hope we go somewhere with good food. :) C

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