Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're Home

We're home from the Mariachi Conference. It was so much fun! We got home last night. I went straight to bed. I was that tired.

But we had a fun week. My Dad taught for my Tio Joe. My Nana performed for him. Because Tio Joe didn't travel with the mariachi. It was a good thing. Since baby Graciella came while we were gone. My Dad is going to be her Godfather. And my Nana is going to be her Godmother. She is a very lucky girl! :)

My tio Juan also didn't go. Because of my friend Sarita is still in the hospital. So my Nono taught and performed for him. We're all still praying for Sarita.

At the conference I got to take both dance and music classes. I was really lucky. I had to take the dance classes. Because my dance group went to perform. But my Dad got me to take a few music classes. And that was a lot of fun. My friend Joe got to go too. I'm so glad! We live so far away. And only get to see each other for the conferences.

We got to sing and play our violins on the river. Because there is always a big concert on the river. It was so fun! I even got to sing with my Nono and Nana. On the night of the big concert, I got to dance. Marissa, Maribel, and Lauren got to dance too. We really did have a good time.

And when my tios and Nana performed, Joe and I got to sing a duet with them. That was so exciting! I really do enjoy the conferences. And I can't wait until the next one. :) C

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