Monday, December 21, 2009

Yummy Comida!

Dad made some yummy green chili stew and tortillas tonight for dinner. It was so good. And it warmed us all up. It's so cold outside! I ate 2 bowls of stew and 3 tortillas. 1 of them with butter. Fresh off the placa. It was the best one!

I also made a chocolate cake. Mi abuelita helped me with the frosting. We make our own. It is so yummy! I baked 2 cakes and we stacked them. Mi abuelita make some chocolate and raspberry filling to put between them. And then we frosted the cake with chocolate icing. After dinner, we each had a big piece with a glass of milk. My belly is all full now!

Tonight, I need to work on dad's Christmas present. I only have a few days left to finish it! But it's almost done. I'm not too worried about it yet. I think I can finish it tonight. Maybe in the morning. I'm not sure. But that is what I'm working on tonight. :) C

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