Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Party

Today was our last day of school until January. We had a Christmas party. It was lots of fun! Our teacher, Sister Maria brought us special gifts. She made us reflection books and rosaries. I don't know how to post pictures yet. I want to show you my gifts. But I don't know how to post a picture yet.

I made Sister Maria a tote bag for her books. She likes to read. I always see her at the library. I thought she would like a tote bag. :) That way she could carry her books. She decided to wait to open her presents until Christmas. I made my friends stockings. In their favorite colors. Then my Dad and I went shopping. I got lots of fun stuff to put inside. Candy too!

We ate lots of good food. My Dad made us some green chili chicken enchiladas. Empanaditas too! There were lots of good things to eat. I got to bring a plate of desserts home too! I'm going to miss everybody from school. I don't live near anyone I go to school with. My friends are going to try and meet once during our school break. :) C

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