Friday, November 19, 2010

My Dad Bought Me...

My Dad and I tried to start our Christmas shopping early. So we went to Old Navy last week. And I seen this shirt.

I really liked it. They also have it in purples, greens, and blues. But I liked this one. And I really liked the owls. But I didn't want to ask my Dad for it. Because it's getting close to Christmas.

My abuelita and I were looking on the computer yesterday, and I showed it to her. She liked it too. I don't have a lot of regular clothes. Since I go to Catholic school and I have to wear a uniform.

But my Dad surprised me today. He bought me this shirt. And a pair of jeans. Just because. That's what he told me. I think I'm going to save them for our trip to Texas next month. :) C

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