Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Almost Summer Break

School is almost over. We have 15 more days! My Dad is already on his summer break. But he will start teaching lessons at home. During the day. This week at school it is spirit week. And every day we get to dress up. It's a big deal. We usually have to wear a uniform. I go to a private school. But this week we have days like pj day and career day. I'm really excited!

But I'm also sad. School is almost over. I won't get to see all my friends until August. It's a long time. We will still get to talk on the phone. But we won't see each other every day like we do now. My Dad told me not to worry. That I could have sleepovers. But I'm still going to miss my friends.

My Dad has planned a trip to go visit my Nono. We are going to Florida for a few weeks. I'm really excited about that! I like going to visit him. We always spend a lot of time at Disney World. My Nono also has a big swimming pool. And I just like to spend time with him.

I will still be in my dance classes too. We get to perform during the summer. I won't be bored. But I will miss spending lots of time with my friends. :) C

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